Repairer of Choice

When you have car insurance with the option for ‘Repairer of Choice’ you can nominate Impact Panel Works as your preferred panel beater. Some insurers prefer to send you to the panel beater with the cheapest quote. We all love a bargain but in the end we want value for money!

We are an auto body shop that uses manufacturer’s supplied parts. Our panel beating and spray painting are performed to quality standards to achieve pre-accident condition. In particular, we keep up to date with the latest technologies in vehicles so new or near new vehicles fitted with *ADAS (Advance Driver Assistance Systems) are recalibrated to manufacturer’s standards.

We fully guarantee all our workmanship.

Whilst your insurer may try to direct you to another repairer, just remember that they accepted your payment for you to choose your repairer.

To keep it easy for you, please contact us first before speaking with your insurance company so we can guide through the process. Ph. 3255 8000