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Most new and near new vehicles have ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) safety systems incorporated into their design and construction. These vehicles can have many sensors, radars and cameras all connected and working simultaneously to gather information about the environment around the car.

What Happens When a Vehicle that has ADAS is Involved in an Accident

subaru radar ADAS - Impact Panel Works

When a vehicle is involved in an accident this highly sensitive equipment can easily be damaged. As an example the radar module located behind the rear bumper of a new Subaru is often only attached to the body by a thin, pressed steel bracket.

Even the lightest bump to that panel can cause a misalignment of the radar which in turn causes the vehicle to read the objects around it incorrectly. If that radar’s field of view is distorted then those safety features we rely on no longer function correctly.

When repairing an accident damaged vehicle it’s very important that those sensors are checked and re-calibrated back to factory tolerances.

The team at Impact Panel Works take the time to identify what ADAS systems are fitted to the vehicle and when a recalibration is required.

ADAS image
Adrian Caldwell - owner operator of Impact Panel Works

Choice of Repairer

When you have ‘Choice of Repairer’ in your insurance policy you have the ability to select a repair shop that understands these systems and will include them in the repair process. We always push hard to ensure your insurer is aware of and agrees to pay for the repair and recalibration of these advanced driver assistance systems.

If your new or near vehicle with ADAS has been involved in an accident please contact us today so you can be assured your vehicle’s body and trim will be repaired to manufacturer’s standards.

We fully guarantee our workmanship

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